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Everything you need to write CTA's that generate leads and land more sales, packing into a single guide.

Jason Vana, Founder at SHFT, takes you through the step-by-step process he uses to write CTA's for his LinkedIn content that get results.

Generating leads and landing sales with your LinkedIn content can be tricky — especially when it comes to writing the calls to action that get people to actually buy. What should you include? How do you know it will work? How many CTAs should you ave?

This guide helps you with all of that.

Jason has provided you with the process to craft amazing CTA's, including:

  • 8 tips to writing better CTAs
  • The 5 components of a great CTA
  • How to test your CTAs
  • Exercises to write your own CTAs
  • And much more!

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Playbook Preview

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Part 1: CTA Foundations

  • The power of the CTA
  • What is a CTA
  • In the Comments!

Part 2: Creating Powerful CTAs

  • Craft a Great CTA
  • Anatomy of CTA
  • CTA Example

Part 3: Putting It Into Action

  • Try it Yourself
  • Putting it Together

Part 4: Level Up Your CTAs

  • Test Your CTAs
  • Create a CTA Bank

Customer Testimonials

Here's what a few of our clients have said about our content strategies:

I booked his content review and I'm amazed at the feedback I received. Not only was it delivered in a great + timely format, but Jason gave me steps moving forward that will change how I use LinkedIn for the rest of my life. This session is a must if you are producing content on LinkedIn. Invest in yourself and Jason here, you won't be disappointed one bit. - 

Jason's content strategies have not only proven to bring me higher engagement but to also convert them to paying customers. Not to mention the amount of time it saved me, as I was able to create content ahead of time well in advance. Jason truly cares about his clients and will go to great lengths to make sure they are satisfied and are achieving the desired results that his strategies were able to bring. If converting clients with your content is your problem, Jason is your answer. Hands down. -

I came to Jason with the hopes of learning about growth here on LinkedIn. He went above and beyond when it came to lending insights on type of content, posting strategy, and shared a lot of nuances regarding LinkedIn in general. His ability to create a strategy that is right for my personal brand has already proven itself - my only regret is that I didn't reach out sooner! -


Who is this playbook for?

Any professional or soon-to-be who wants to generate leads and land more sales with their LinkedIn content.

Why are CTAs important?

CTAs direct your audience on the next step to take.

When publishing content on LinkedIn, you need a CTA to guide people to your desired outcome: clicking a link to either become a lead or buy your product or service outright.

Why should I listen to you? 

The LinkedIn CTA Playbook was created by Jason Vana. Having personally created hundreds of successful content marketing strategies, written thousands of posts, and generated millions in revenue through content, Jason brings an expertise on testing and execution, not on theory. 

The templates you receive in this playbook are the very same templates Jason has used for clients all over the world.

What will I learn in this playbook?

You'll learn how to write calls to action that generate leads and land more sales.

It's the same strategy Jason has used to craft CTAs for content marketing strategies that have generated millions in revenue.

This must be expensive right?

No. It's $45.

This isn't our primary source of income and our main goal is to help businesses grow. How many people can actually afford those courses?

What do I do next if I want to get this guide?

Click the "buy this" button and started today. 

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The Prospecting Playbook includes:

CTA Templates
CTA Tips
Jason Vana

The LinkedIn CTA Playbook

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