The B2B Revenue Growth Playbook

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Everything you need to create a complete strategy to grow your B2B company, packed into a single guide.

Jason Vana, founder at SHFT, takes you through the step-by-step strategy he uses to help B2B companies generate leads and increase annual revenue. 

This strategy has been used to help startups and established companies increase annual revenue over $30 million.

Marketing your B2B company can be overwhelming, especially if you aren't a marketing professional. There are millions of voices out there claiming to know the hack that will help you grow. But which strategy actually works? How do you know where to invest your time and money? 

This guide will help you cut through the noise and build a solid strategy for your B2B company.

Jason has provided a breakdown of his strategy as well as best practices to help you cover:

  • Foundation: target market, competitive advantage, branding, website
  • Inbound: content marketing
  • Outbound: advertising and prospecting

You'll also receive 7 extra guides to help you go deeper in the various lessons.

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Client Testimonials

If you're a B2B business and want to see exponential growth, I definitely recommend getting your hands on the playbook! It will make your journey a little bit easier...but more importantly, you'll be able to grow faster.

- Barry Rodrigues, Founder & Director at NexGen Digital

Playbook Preview

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Part 1: Fundamental Steps

  • Intro and objectives

Part 2: Foundation

  • Knowing your Target Market
  • Defining your Competitive Advantage
  • Creating your Brand Message
  • Creating your Brand Design
  • Building a Lead-Get Website

Part 3: Inbound

  • Attracting the Right People
  • Developing a solid Content Strategy
  • Content Tips
  • Content Types
  • Social Media Content
  • Blog Content
  • Email Newsletter
  • Podcasting

Part 4: Outbound

  • Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Main Stream Media Advertising
  • Prospecting

Part 5: Checklist

  • Concise Growth Checklist


On top of the B2B Revenue Growth Playbook, you will also receive 7 extra guides:

  • Buyer Persona Template - The tools you need to get to know your target market.
  • Competitive Advantage Guide - Determine your USP and write your tagline and summary.
  • Brand Archetypes - Determine your brand voice.
  • Psychology of Color - Learn the emotions each color evokes.
  • Psychology of Fonts - Learn the emotions each font style evokes.
  • One Thing Content Strategy - Determine the One Thing to focus on in your content.
  • Content Ideas Worksheet - Create up to a month's worth of content ideas.


Who is this playbook for?

Any soloprenuer, entrepreneur, or owner of a B2B company struggling to develop a marketing and sales strategy that gets results.

Why is prospecting important?

Prospecting isn't for everyone.

But, if you want to start generating leads using outbound sales tactics that have been tested and proven to work, prospecting is for you.  

Why should I listen to you? 

The B2B Revenue Growth Playbook was created by Jason Vana, a seasoned marketing and growth professional. Having personally built brands, led sales and marketing teams, and generated revenue in the millions through his custom marketing strategies, Jason brings an expertise based on testing and execution not on theory. 

The strategies you receive in this playbook are the very same strategies Jason has used to growth B2B companies from $10 million to $30 million in annual revenue.

What will I learn in this guide?

You'll learn how to develop a complete strategy to generate leads and increase revenue for your B2B company.

We cover everything from Foundation (target market, competitive advantage, branding, website) to Inbound (content and social media) to Outbound (advertising and prospecting) — all designed to give you a complete strategy to follow.

This must be expensive right?

No. It's $20.

We wanted to make this guide affordable for any B2B company struggling with revenue growth.

What do I do next if I want to get this guide?

Click the "buy this" button and started today. 

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